Season Evans

Originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania, Season is a self-taught quilter and highly influenced by the traditional quilt patterns she saw as a child. Since then, she has made her home in various cities and uses those experiences to adapt traditional patterns to create a new narrative. The shapes and patterns used reflect her home and community while the method and materials used recall traditional quilt making influences.

Season uses quilts as objects and as storytellers. Using craft as a means of storytelling carries the weight of its historical context. The quilt making process strengthens her relationship between the material and this context. She is fascinated by the essentials of the materials and the root of pattern. 

Season has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions, most recently at The Vestibule in Seattle, WA and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose, CA. Her work has been featured in DefineArkitip, as well as many quilting magazines and anthologies. Season also lectures and teaches quilting workshops around the United States. She currently lives in Seattle, WA with her family.

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