Lauren MacDonald

Working Cloth

Lauren MacDonald is an artist/designer and Director of textiles studio, Working Cloth.  Her approach and aesthetic have been tempered through academic studies in Material Culture and Textile Science, vocational experience in the London fashion industry, and an ongoing obsession with materiality, form, and functionality.  While drawing guidance from historical design movements and with an innate respect for those who came before her, Lauren seeks to create a contemporary aesthetic through experimentation and self expression. She recently completed her first residency in collaboration with Edmonton Public Schools in Alberta, Canada, creating an interactive textile and sound installation that explored ideas of community, shared history, and post modern narrative. Her first solo show as part of Sydney Craft week in 2017 combined an interactive soundscape created in collaboration with composer Alyx Dennison and a series of intricate, geometric, textile pieces.  She regularly sells out workshops and has been commissioned for work internationally. She holds a BSc in Human Ecology from the University of Alberta and will be working toward an MA in Material Culture from University College London from September 2018.

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