Coulter Fussell

YaloRUN Textiles

Coulter Fussell is a textile artist and painter living and working in Water Valley, Mississippi, a small and isolated town in the Hill Country region of north Mississippi. Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Coulter got her BFA from The University of Mississippi in 2000 and naturally went on to be a diner waitress for the next seven years. In 2010 she opened Yalo Studio, a painting studio and gallery, and then later, YaloRUN Textiles, an experimental textile workshop and fabric store with friends Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk.

Coulter absorbed the process of quilting from an early age by watching her mother, Cathy Fussell, a master quilter. There is not a time in her life that Coulter didn't know the process of quilt-making but it wasn't until early college that Coulter made her first quilt. It was a collaboration with her mother. Cathy, knowing her daughter wasn't one for measuring or anything precision oriented, encouraged Coulter to piece with freedom and abandon while still paying attention to the order of operations and functionality. This is the shaky line Coulter still walks in her quilt-making process. One always pulls the other in her work and the balance is important to her.

Coulter's textile work is featured in the Run Home Collection out of Thompson Street Studio and has been shown in collaborations with Susan Cianociolo's show at Bridget Donahue Gallery as well as appearing in print in Art Forum. Coulter's work and Yalo Studio/YaloRUN Textiles have also been featured in The New York Times and ART PAPERS, among others.

Coulter also sells a line of naturally dyed yarns that she dyes with native Mississippi plants she goes out and collects from the woods. There is trespassing and tick bites and it's dangerous during hunting season but the yarn is pretty and that's all that matters. 

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