Abigail Booth

Forest + Found

Born in the UK in 1991, Abigail went on to study Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in London and San Francisco Art Institute. She now lives and works in London having set up her collaborative studio practice, Forest + Found, with partner Max Bainbridge.

With her practice rooted in drawing, Abigail’s large-scale textile assemblages are meditations on the language of the drawn line. Evoking simplicity and minimalism in the quiet gesture and movement of the hand, her work seeks a connection to the monumental landscapes they originate from. Each line is constructed in cloth using found pigments sourced from the land. Using a combination of earth, iron and wood, Abigail slowly builds up concentrations of rich overlaid colour before piecing her grid-works individually by hand and machine. The time-based nature of her work produces large-scale, meditative images that explore the spatial compositions and abstract plane of the deconstructed canvas.

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