Abigail Booth

Forest + Found

Abigail Booth (b.1991, London) studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art, the San Francisco Art Institute and Chelsea College of Art, where she graduated in 2013 as a painter and sculptor. Working across textiles, drawing and painting, her work explores the histories of piecework, pigment and cloth. Referencing a quiet simplicity in the gesture and movement of the hand, her work seeks a connection to the psychology of landscape through the reflective nature of organic colour and embodied interactions with the natural. The time-based nature of her work produces large-scale images that explore the liminal space of the constructed canvas, while challenging the relationship between the imagined and the actual through her use of a material language of painting and textile combined. She exhibits her work throughout the UK and internationally, often collaborating with her partner Max Bainbridge under their studio Forest + Found.

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